Rise of the Runelords

Swallowtail Festival

Mayor Deverin: Good morning! I can see I’m not the only one who is so very excited for today’s activities! Why, I think I even see Larz Rovanky away from his work for the day. Truly a rarity! -laugther- Anyway, I won’t keep you, please do enjoy the festivities Sandpoint has to offer, and this evening we will consecrate our new church. -applause-
Sheriff Hemlock: Yes. Well. I’d just like to remind everyone to be safe today. This evening’s bonfire will prove especially dangerous if you’re not careful. I’d like to ask that we have a moment of silence for those that were lost five years ago when our old church burned down. -silence-
Cyrdak Drokkus: Thank you Sheriff. I knew I could count on you to provide an easy act to follow. Ah well I won’t bore you with the details of how much it took us to get to this day, but I’m sure we’re all so very pleased that at last a new church will be here to watch over us. And of course feel free to stop by the Sandpoint Theater! Tomorrow, I’ll be premiering “The Harpy’s Curse”! The harpy queen will be played by none other than the Magnimarian diva herself, Allishanda! It promises to be quite the performance. I’ll be seeing you! -applause-
Father Zantus: Alright, I’m sure we’re all anxious to begin. So with these fine speeches now finished, I declare the Swallowtail Festival underway!

Dexterity Game
Smallest hole AC 19 – glass ring
Small hole AC 16 – sweet roll
Medium hole AC 14 – Sandpoint pin

Strength Game
DC 25 – glass sculpture
DC 20 – wooden toy
DC 15 – sweet roll
DC 14 or lower – nothing

Riddle: What can you put in a barrel to make it lighter?
Answer: A hole

I am as strong as seven men.
I am as tall as seven men.
Yet seven men can not stand me on my end.

What am I?
Answer: A rope

Who becomes pregnant without conceiving?
Who becomes fat without eating?
Answer: Clouds

Riddle:What runs around a city but never moves?
Answer: A Wall

Father Zantus: Legends tell of one of Desna’s avatars plummeting from the Heavens after a great battle with Lamashtu. A blind orphan nursed her avatar back to health, and to thank the child, the goddess transformed her into an immortal butterfly. In this form, the child could forever fly in the day and night, seeing all the wonders of the world.

Then the cover of a wagon is pulled back, releasing the thousand children of Desna — a furious storm of a thousand swallowtail butterflies that swarm into the air in a spiraling riot of color to a great cheer from the crowd. Throughout the rest of the day, children futilely chase butterflies, never quite quick enough to catch them.

Lunch is provided free, at the expense of Sandpoint’s taverns. Each brings its best dishes — this event is a marketing push by the taverns as much to win new customers as it is to feed a hungry crowd. It soon becomes apparent that the darling of the lunch is, once again, Ameiko Kaijitsu, whose remarkable curry-spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead easily overshadow the other offerings, such as the Hagfish’s lobster chowder or the White Deer’s peppercorn venison.


At this point there will be a goblin attack with the crack of the thunderstone.

1,49,88Abstalar Zantus
2,50,89Aesrick Battlehorn
3,51,90Aliver “Pillbug” Podiker
4,52,91Alma Avertin
5,53,92Ameiko Kaijitsu
6,54,93Banny Harker
7,55,94Belor Hemlock
8,56,95Belven Valdemar
9,57,96Bilivar Wheen
10,58,97Brodert Quink
11,59,98Chask Haladan
12,60,99Chod Bevuk
13,61,100Courrin Whesterwill
14,62Cyrdak Drokkus
15,63Das Korvut
16,64Daviren Hosk
17,65Ethram Valdemar
18,66Garridan Viskali
19,67Gaven Deverin
21,69Hannah Velerin
22,70Hayliss Korvaski
23,71Ilsoari Gandethus
24,72Jargie Quinn
25,73Jasper Korvaski
26,74Jesk “Cracktooth” Berinni
27,75Jubrayl Vhiski
28,76Katrine Vinder
29,77Kaye Tesarani
30,78Kendra Deverin
31,79Larz Rovanky
32,80Lonjiku Kaijitsu
33,81Maver Kesk
34,82Naffer Vosk
35,83Nisk Tander
36,84Niska Mvashti
37,85Olmur Danvakus
38,86Risa Magravi
39,87Rynshinn Povalli
41Savah Bevaniky
42Shayliss Vinder
43Titus Scarnetti
44Turch Sterglus
45Ven Vinder
46Veznutt Parooh
47Volioker Briskalberd
48Vorvashali Voon


  • Sheriff Hemlock shares a long-running, “secret” romance with Lady Kaye, madam of the town brothel.
  • The ghost of the murderer Chopper haunts Chopper’s Isle, just north of town.
  • The White Deer Inn used to be named the Black Deer in, but was tastefully renamed after the fire.
  • Ask Ven Vinder at the general store to see the “wine cellar” for his special reserver.
  • Farmer Grump claims the Sandpoint Devil, a horselike monster with bat wings, once flew off with one of his prized sows.
  • Old Ilsoari at the museum sometimes wanders the beach at night, looking for treasures.
  • Don’t go down to the junktoss after dark: goblins steal the trash at night.
  • Solsta Vinder claims Sczarni stole her sheets last week, and two cooling pies the week before that.
  • The new cathedral is magically protected from catching fire.
  • Murdermaw, a giant red snapper big enough to bite a boat in half, lurks in the Varisian Bay.
  • The Deverin family was once associated with the Chelish resistance, but was forced to flee Varisia.
  • Jarvis Stoot and his birds.

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